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At Dream Home Design We offer Tree Removal Services Our services can cover any size job both residential and commercial. A tree is typically removed because it is located in the wrong position on your property. It is also common to remove decayed, dead or rotten trees because they can pose a great threat to the ecosystem.

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Arborists prefer to preserve plant life whenever possible, so be sure to contact OurTree Removal Services before making any decision. The experienced and knowledgeable staff at our company will help you assess the condition of any tree or shrub, and help you determine the most appropriate course of action

Why Do you need to remove trees?

The following are a few reasons why a tree may need to be removed
  • Trees are dead
  • The tree was damaged by a storm. If a significant portion of the tree is destroyed, it may not be possible to restore it
  • Tree roots are growing into your house, utility lines, or any other structures
  • You should consider pruning the top of the tree branches or removing the trunk if it is showing signs of decay.

  • The tree is leaning in a dangerous direction and obstructing the entrance to your house, or blocking driveway

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Why Choose Us for your Tree Removal Service.

We offer the highest quality Trades

Tree removal is a delicate and dangerous process that requires a highly skilled team of tree service experts to handle. Choosing an amateur company may result in you being charged more money due to the mistakes they may make due to their inexperience. Our Arborists are passionate about trees, as well as being highly-skilled, which is why we continually strive to make your experience with us simple, easy, and quick. We are known for our highly responsive customer service. All quotes and invoices are e-mailed so you will always have a copy on hand. You can also pay your invoice online, further simplifying the process.

Using the latest equipment and safest practices, our team of tree experts has decades of experience removing trees with minimal disruption to the homeowner. Our vast experience enables us to handle any task you may require, no matter how large or small. Let our team of professional arborists demolish that hazardous tree from the top down


At every step of the process, our main goal is to provide you with the best possible customer service.


The company strives to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable price, resulting in a win-win for everyone.​


We pride ourselves on providing professional, efficient, timely, and thorough service at all times.


Our company is fully insured and bonded, so you will have no reason to worry.


We offer a variety of different services to our customers – both commercial and residential – including the following:


There are many reasons why a tree might need to be removed. You can reach out to us for help, and we can get you the information you need.

Tree Trimming

Pruning a tree is an essential aspect of properly caring for a tree. Our Arborists are experts at identifying the trimmingneeds of any tree.


Tree stumps are hazardous. They might attract unwanted pest as ants and termites and affect the value of your property. Additionally, they tend to attract such unwanted pests as ants and termites


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