How To Keep Glass Shower Clean

Hey, whats up guys welcome,  today – Ill? Be showing you how to keep your glass showerslooking cleaner for longer and also how to make the maintenance clean a lot easier And dontworry Ill include the links to the products and tools that ill be using in the descriptionunder. The video for you guys to check them out so just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. So over time, glass showers tend to accumulate dirt, grime and soap. Scum, as you can tellon camera

So its that film or that residue from soap that accumulates on the glass surfaces, and before we go ahead and protect the glass, we want to clean the glass So basically, two easy steps: cleaning and protecting And you’re going to see, trust me, you’re going to absolutely love this trick or hack! So the first step is going to be to clean the glass. To do so, Im using common household items, in this case, distilled white vinegar that you probably have at home.

So what I do is, I boil it, so it gives it more of a pungent power of cleaning – and I put it in a spray bottle with a trigger sprayer and Ill use that to clean, along with a microfiber glass towel. Its a very short and low nap towel. That doesn’t lint. That’s important when you’re cleaning glass. You can also use 10 % vinegar if you want, but all I have here is some boiled: 5 % distilled white, vinegar and a spray bottle.

So Ill go ahead and first start by cleaning the surface because we want to work with a clean surface to start with Okay guys, so now the glass should look much cleaner right? Absolutely! It came out spotless, so no more dirt grime or residue. The next step, and the cool step, is gonna be to protect the glass. What were gonna do is use an automotive pain sealant.

I have been detailing cars for over 23 years now. I have tons of experience in that field and that’s. What my channel is all about – Mainly for car detailing. In this case, I’m using a product that’s easily available in big box stores and alsoonline. Its Turtle Wax Wax Seal N Shine. This is a hydrophobic paint, protectant that’s good to makewater, beading and water sheeting on your paint and give it U V protection. This is great forthe cars, but also it can be applied on glass and its going to help the water to beadoff and to sheet off the panels very quickly.

Off your glass making maintenance a lot easier That dirt and grime is going to have less of a tendency to stick on your glass surfaces, so you’re going to see just how simple it is. What I like about this is that it is in a spray format and its very inexpensive. Again, links in the description under the video. You basically take a microfiber towel, you’re going to spray this on the surface you’re going to wipe it in flip, your towel to a clean and dry side and buff it off.

Thats, it Thats how simple it is So in just a few seconds you’re going to protect your glass shower and Im going to show you with a water test, just how quick. It is to sheet off that water and also Im going to give you a quick tip on how to doa just a maintenance top off or a maintenance.

Clean every time you take your shower Supersimple Lets go ahead and protect the glass So guys. Now the glass is fully cleaned. Andits protected Lets. Do a water test and you’re going to see just how awesome that water is going to bead so make nice tight and round beads and how quickly its going to sheet off compared to before Before we applied the product, as you can tell on camera, the water was very, very slow to sheet off and it took forever and that’s why the dirt and grime accumulates.

Because it has time to dry on there. Now lets have a look at what the results are: Very, very quick water to sheet off and you get those awesome water. Beads. Sorry for the echo guys. Now my quick tip for maintenance when you’re done using your shower every single time. Just use a squeegee and all you have to do is squeegee that water off after you’re done taking your shower and that’s, it Thats all youllhave to do And every now and then, if you want

You can redo the steps from this video which means just clean your glass using vinegar and reapply the protectant on paint. It lasts, probably over five to six months, but on your glass. This should be there for easily over a year, because obviously your glass is not exposed to the elements like your car would outside. You’re going to have a nice clean shower every time you use your shower guys So that’s it Some very simple tips.

Youre going to have an awesome, looking glass shower every single time.

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