Types of Kitchen Renovations: Time And Budget You Should Plan For Each

A successful renovation will be made easier by being prepared for large-scale renovations such as those that involve kitchen renovations. You will have a much easier time if you plan ahead. We teach homeowners how to renovate their bathrooms and kitchens in our Love Your Home seminars. This post will help you identify the basics of planning. It will also teach you how to plan for the time and money it takes.

Different types of kitchen renovations

There are three types:

  1. Cosmetic
  2. Take out and reinstall
  3. Custom

Some kitchen renovations fall into one of these two categories, while others fall under the other.

Cosmetic Kitchen Renovations

A cosmetic kitchen renovation involves replacing easily removed items. This could include a new countertop or tiled backsplash, new appliances and hardware for your drawer fronts and cabinet doors.

If you are selling your home, and only a few things need to be updated before you sell your house, then cosmetic kitchen renovations might be the right choice. If you are unhappy with the color or countertop of your new home, a cosmetic reno might be an option. If you are looking to update your kitchen, but not want to spend a lot of money on a new one, a cosmetic kitchen renovation might be a good option. Many of our clients are looking to upgrade their kitchens in the next 3-5 years. However, they don’t have the budget for all new cabinets.

What is the average time it takes to renovate a kitchen?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the scope of your mini-renovation. You can choose your preferred paint colour and hire a professional painter to paint the kitchen in one day if you are only doing minor renovations. You can still complete this project in one weekend, even if you’re a skilled DIY homeowner.

If you are planning to install a tile backsplash or countertop, it is important that you allow for more time. Allow for 1-4 weeks to complete the design, quoting and product selection. Then, wait for the materials to arrive and order them. Depending on the amount of work you plan to do, it may take 2 to 4 weeks to complete the …..

What is the cost of a cosmetic kitchen renovation?

Depending on how much work is required, the price range can vary greatly. A fresh coat of paint can cost $300-$500, while a quartz countertop, plumbing, new lighting, new flooring, new painting, and a backsplash can cost $30,000 to install. The cost of a cosmetic renovation does not necessarily have to be high or low. Even if you only make cosmetic improvements, you can still spend a lot. You need to remember why you are renovating. You should make sure that the amount you spend on renovations is in line with the benefits you get (eg, years of enjoyment, increased value, and a higher sale price). When renovating, don’t lose sight of your WHY.

Reinstall and remove kitchen renovations

Take the cosmetic renovation to the next level with the remove-and-reinstall renovation. This type of renovation involves removing items and reinstalling them in the exact same place. Kitchen renovations typically involve removing existing kitchen cabinets and installing new ones in the exact same spot. This ensures that your stove, sink, and fridge stay in the same place and your kitchen layout doesn’t change.

This type of renovation can include replacing cabinets and hardware. It can also include countertops and backsplashes, light fixtures, appliances, and flooring.

What is the average time it takes to complete a Re- and Re (remove, re-install) kitchen renovation?

Cabinets of good quality take between 6-10 weeks to make. You should still expect at least four weeks, even if your contractor orders cabinets from a supplier that builds them on an assembly-line in a factory. Multi Trade Building Services manufactures its cabinets using our cabinet maker. Each cabinet is made to order, so you don’t need to use fillers. We can build a cabinet that is 27.36 inches wide to fit your space.

Re and re-kitchen renovations can take between 2-6 weeks to complete the design, quoting and product selection. The order of materials can take between 4-10 weeks and the actual work will take 2-5 weeks depending upon how complex the project is.

What is the cost of a Re or Re-kitchen renovation?

This question depends on how big your kitchen is and the quality of cabinets you choose. Stainted maple cabinets will cost more than thermofoil cabinets.

Budget between $15,000 and $20,000. This budget will provide you with basic hardware and cabinets, as well as a basic laminate countertop. The existing flooring and appliances would be kept. You could spend as much as $50,000 to upgrade cabinets, a countertop made of stone, new flooring, and new appliances. Your reno may fall somewhere in the middle of these extremes, depending on what choices you make.

Custom Kitchen Renovation

This type of renovation is limitless! You can let your imagination run wild to create the kitchen you dream of. This is what you would do if you need to make more space, change the layout or open up space.

Remodeling your kitchen is possible. This could mean moving the stove, fridge, or sink. This could also include removing the breakfast area to increase the size of your kitchen. A custom renovation will usually require you to enhance the kitchen’s function.

It could also be a matter of changing your lifestyle. After the children are grown, the kitchen may serve a different purpose.

Many custom kitchen renovations will involve moving or opening walls. It is important to know whether the wall that you are removing or moving is load bearing before you plan. Before you begin any demolition, consult an Architectural Technologist. Do not trust your contractor. Consult a professional, get accurate drawings made and apply for a permit. It is crucial for your safety and home insurance.

What is the average time it takes to renovate a custom-made kitchen?

For a more detailed breakdown of how long you should allow to complete this type of kitchen renovation, see the infographic below.

What is the cost of a custom-designed kitchen renovation?

The sky is the limit for this type of renovation! Clients have spent as high as $100,000 to renovate their kitchens. One of our clients hosts a lot of business associates at home. The work included removing a load bearing wall, two ovens, two sinks and a prep sink, as well as laying new flooring throughout the main floor. He knew he wouldn’t get a good return on investment (ROI), but he chose this type of renovation as it was the best for his current career and life.

This type of renovation typically costs between $35,000 and $80,000. The amount of work required and the quality of countertops, cabinets, and appliances will determine the cost. being installed. This type of renovation usually includes new flooring because walls are often being torn down or the layout is changing. This can often mean that you will need new flooring on the main floor. When you begin a kitchen renovation, think about the bigger picture. What will the changes in the layout or design of your kitchen have on the overall layout of your home?

Many kitchen renovations can be classified into one of these three categories. Renovations can be combined from more than one category. Many experts are available to meet with you and discuss your plans. Book a consultation and take advantage of their years of experience to make informed decisions about your kitchen renovation.

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