Pros and Cons to Home Addition Options

Numerous home addition options are available out there, which can be confusing for homeowners who are considering a renovation project. What is the amount of additional space required? What type of addition suits your needs? Where do you even begin? Begin by reviewing the pros and cons of different home addition types. When you are aware of your options, you can make an informed decision about the best course of action for your home.

Bump Out

Some Home additions are be very straightforward, simply entail expanding an existing space. This type of addition is commonly used to create full bathrooms, a bigger bedroom, or to expand a kitchen.


Additions like this are the simplest and least invasive. The process usually involves tearing down one wall and expanding outward from there. It is a small addition, and therefore costs less than any other addition. In cases where both money and space are limited, this is an excellent addition.


This is a single-room solution. It will not accommodate your needs if you need a great deal more space. Moreover, the cost of a bump out addition may be inaccurate. However, it is actually more expensive per square foot than other types of additions as it might needs acquiring the correct permits and expanding your foundation. You would need to acquire this information regardless of the type of addition you make, so making a smaller addition will not save you this expense.

Single Room

When a bump out is insufficient, but you do not want to add an entire apartment, a single room addition may be the best choice. Additions like this are typically sunrooms, porches, or garages.


You can create the room you’ve been missing with a single room addition. A sunroom will let you enjoy nature all year long, while an extra bedroom will let you accommodate a growing family. You can achieve the space and functionality you need in a single room without occupying a lot of space. It’s small, so it’s affordable too.


If you are seeking a large amount of space, a single room may not be sufficient. In addition to taking up space in the yard, they are typically attached to the side or back of the house. Adding a single room may not be the most practical option if you do not have enough land or if you do not want to give up space for outdoor activities.

Build Out

This is probably the most common addition type. Homeowner who want more space in their home can build an addition on the side, back, or even on the front of their home.


The benefits of building outwards are many. It gives you a lot of options. If you require more than one room, you can build several rooms or an in-law apartment. You got a lot of artistic freedom with this type of addition, especially if you’re expanding the back of your house. The locals cannot see it from the street, so it is the perfect place to put your own personal touch on it!


You’re limited by your property lines for this type of addition. As well as considering city regulations, you will also need to examine your property’s boundaries. It may not be possible to build all the way to the edge of the property. This addition would not be appropriate if you do not have the space to expand outward.

Build Up

A second-floor addition to a single-story house may be your best option if an outward expansion will not work.


Space is a major advantage of this type of renovation. While outward additions take up a large amount of your yard, they are bound by property lines and zoning restrictions. By adding a second floor to your home, you almost double your home’s size, without sacrificing any space in your outdoor area!


Stairs take up a large amount of space when adding a second story. Additionally, you will need to make modifications to your house’s existing structure. You will need to have a contractor install support structures to your existing walls, ceiling, and foundation sections.

Regardless of what kind of addition is best suited for your home, you should work with a general contractor that you can trust. Dream Home Design has extensive experience with building home additions. We’d love to help you decide what kind of addition is right for your house. Schedule your free consultation today.

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