how to seal off bathtub overflow Drain

We will be visiting my neighbor’s house today. We have a deal, he proves my fruit trees andI do some plumbing work for him. so come along today as we’re gonna go check out this tub overflow.

He says he’s noticed a monster leak in his tub whenever he takes a bath. He wanted me to check it out. So come along let’s get to fixing, okay. So if you follow the overflow up you can see the gasket up there it actually is pulled away from the tub and that’s what we’re going to be fixing today. 

So I’m gonna up to the top side and get that hooked up from up above we’re right here at the tub drain and overflow. and we’re just going to be changing out that overflow gasket that we’ve seen that gap in down below you so right away you can see what the issue is. The reason why this did not seal is because this metal retainer right here is actually supposed to be right out here and hold that together. Yeah, just didn’t really know what was going on.

So let’s go ahead and try to put this back together. go ahead and get this flipped and switched the way a little bit. so then you can go ahead and take this and just pop it up and there we go with that let’s just make sure we bring this in here. okay so we weren’t able to get that out and we’ll just put this retainer clip. we’re just gonna actually use this again we’re gonna put it right back over that but on the outside here after we change the gasket.

So there’s a gasket right inside here that’s probably still good, especially do they probably never even seen it but just pop that out there. And we’re gonna actually it’s in great shape it’s not even been depressed at all. Okay, while I’m sitting here editing I realized that I never showed you the way to install this gasket. So you can see the shape of this gasket it’s like a wedge shape and so you want to make sure the fat side is down on the bottom that way when you go to ighten that together this is super compressed down there and it’s just not and it’s not gonna allow a lot water to leak through whenever you fill your tub up let’s put this back and see what we can do there.

So you just kind of take this and you just push this back a little bit and just allow this to slide up in there. Now that we have that information. I’ve got it all pushed in place okay so now that we’ve got this looking like this we’re just gonna take this retainer clip just slide it back down over that. Now we’re able to take this start, tighten it up and make sure you do it evenly.

Okay so now we’ve got that put back in place that end going anywhere that’s sitting pretty darn tasty and now we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna stick the cover piece back on get this all

tightened up and then we’re gonna give it a test. With these screws you want to make sure that they’re both being tightened equally after we’ve tightened them up pretty good. 

Then we’ll give it a test and we’ll check it below okay so the tub is almost full and we’re gonna go downstairs. We’re going to check the go workflow and make sure there’s no leak. so you should have water running out that overflow right now and there’s water coming through the overflow and there is no water leaking.

Now you can hear it coming down the overflow into the trap and we’ve got no water coming out the overflow so that’s good mission accomplished alright folks so we’re right back where we started at here I had a drain tub overflow gasket available but we didn’t have to use it all interviews it was a six in one pretty awesome worked out really well for us today that’s not always work out this good I really hope this video helps if you can please subscribe to the channel click the like button it’d be greatly appreciated thank you very much and have a great evening.

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